Pre-Employment & New Hire Assessments

Great for New Businesses and Startups!

Do you find it difficult to choose between applicants? Don’t hire based on skills alone! Perfect for small businesses and startups, our pre-hire assessment measures the characteristics necessary for the job in which you are hiring. You choose the candidates and we will tell you which one(s) are best fit for the job based on their behaviors, values and personal skills.

Are you tired of hiring the WRONG employees?

Job Matching is perfect for any size business and is a more in-depth process in candidate selection than the basic PreHire assessment.

First, we work with your team to create a job benchmark which will outline and rank the 12 natural behaviors, 6 intrinsic passions, 12 Acumen Indicators and 25 soft skills the job requires to successfully fill the role.

After you select your candidates, we administer the online assessment. Then, our team of behavior analysts provides a Gap Report showing each candidate’s match to the 55 characteristics of the job benchmark and we recommend the candidate(s) for selection.

Our team of certified behavior analysts understands assessments, job matching and behavioral interviewing. We specialize in assessing and matching top talent to job positions where employees will succeed.

With your bottom line in mind, we designed cost-effective solutions to accommodate the hiring needs on any level; from small business or startups to large corporations.


  • Workplace Behaviors

    Talent is a combination of many factors, one of which is behavior. The assessment report not only defines unique behavior, but guides the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success.

    This versatile management tool can be used to:

    • Hire the right person
    • Get employees off to a fast start
    • Revitalize current employees
    • Improve communication
    • Build sound employee-manager relationships

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  • Workplace Motivators

    Values are the drivers behind our behavior; what motivates our actions. Abstract concepts in themselves, values are principles or standards by which we act. Values are beliefs held so strongly that they affect the behavior of an individual or an organization.

    An individual’s experiences, references, education, and training tell us WHAT they can do. A behavioral assessment will tell us HOW they will do it. However, it is not until we know an individual’s values that we will understand WHY they do what they do.

    With the knowledge of values we can:

    • Encourage employees in a way that satisfies their inner drive
    • Determine if their position will be rewarding
    • Know what motivates an employee right from the start
  • Workplace Competencies and Acumen

    Individual assessments reveal specific details in four areas that describe the how, why, what and can of superior performance. As a job benchmarking tool, these four areas define the requirements of each job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and achieve the optimum job fit. This tool helps ensure that you hire, develop and retain the best possible talent.

    Our assessment:

    • Examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job
    • Examines the motivators that drive them
    • Determines if they possess the acumen to do the job
    • Determines their potential to provide the competencies required by the job

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Our Promise:

We are dedicated to delivering value to our clients by developing more engaged, productive employees and reducing employee turnover through our solution based strategies. Our services are not an expense, rather an investment into developing your company’s largest most valuable resource, the Human Resource.

Paramount Consulting Group serves Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas and is dedicated to assist in successful employee hiring for your business. Different from a temp service, staffing agency, or head hunter, we focus on matching the right candidate for the job you are hiring for by using behavioral science.

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