Is your management team focused on the RIGHT things?

How prepared are you to predict how growth will impact your company?

What if you could identify growth issues before they set in?

Using James Fischer’s research from his book titled, “Navigating the Growth Curve,” we show business executives and entrepreneurs how to maneuver through the seven stages of organizational growth. We identify which stage of growth that your business is in and the challenges that you face now as well as how you can prepare for future challenges.

Would You Like a Crystal Ball?

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Stages of Growth X-ray:

Alignment. Engagement. Implementation.

Focusing on the right things at the right time. Strategic Planning Program for a CEO and his/her management team to stay ahead of their growth curve.

Outcomes from Understanding Your Company’s Stage of Growth

• Help gain clarity of where a company is today and why the company may be experiencing specific growth issues

• Alignment of management team which allows issues to be identified and addressed sooner

• Look behind, examine today, and look ahead to see what’s creating obstacles to growth

• Help create a language of growth that will resonate with every single person in the Company

Alignment - Engagement - Implementation

• Forces a company to put words to their critical top 5 issues

• Provides an opportunity to see how the leadership team defines the company’s top challenges

• Forces a discussion that moves the company toward alignment of goals and objectives

• Allows the leadership team to build confidence as they proactively tackle critical issues

• Forces a deeper discussion about how to address each of the top business challenges

• Helps the leadership team to address more strategic issues once everyone agrees to problems

One barrier to growth…

is the need for the executive team to effectively delegate and predict.

Vern Harnish, author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

You need to know WHEN and HOW … The 7 Stages of Growth can provide those answers ……

Long-term growth…

will only happen if the company learns how to operate differently as it grows larger.

Keith McFarland, author of The Breakthrough Company

You have to know what Operating Differently looks like ….. The 7 Stages of Growth tells you what to do, when ……

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