Talent Selection Process

Step 1: Discovery and Analysis

During an onsite visit, our trained facilitator will take your team through a brainstorming process to discover and establish the key accountabilities related to successful job performance. During this discovery phase the team analyzes and details the 55 characteristics of job performance.

Step 2: Creating the Job Benchmark

Using the data brought back from the discovery process, our team of certified behavior analysts will create a job benchmark. This report will outline and rank the 12 natural behaviors, 6 intrinsic passions, 12 Acumen Indicators and 25 soft skills the job requires to successfully fill the role.

Step 3: Ideal Candidate

During a second onsite visit, our facilitator will meet with your team to review the benchmark for consensus and facilitate the creation of the Ideal Candidate Form. This is a very important step and one that should be given careful consideration as the recruitment and screening process highly depends on the decisions made in this step of the process. The hiring manager and everyone involved in the hiring process should contribute to it.

Step 4: Behavioral Interview Questions & Employment Ad

We will assist in writing the copy for a behavioral-based employment ad. In conjunction with the Ideal Candidate Form, this ad will be used to advertise and market the position. We also provide specific behavioral-based interviewing questions that uncover and eliminate candidates not suited for the job.

Step 5: Candidate Assessment

After you have screened and selected the final candidates, we administer assessments of each candidate. Our team of behavioral analysts compiles and provides a Gap Report showing each candidate’s match to the 55 characteristics of the job benchmark and we recommend the candidate(s) for selection.

Step 6: Coaching and Onboarding

After selecting the recommended candidate(s), we provide an in-depth employee coaching manual so the manager has a head start on the strengths, limitations, and communication methods needed to help the employee succeed.

Onboarding new staff is made easy by utilizing the provided job development binder. The binder details the priorities, purpose, and time considerations of the key accountabilities for which the new employee will be responsible. Communication between the new employee and the manager is simplified and the new employee starts with a clear understanding of what he or she needs to do to fulfill the expectations for performance.

Our Promise:

We are dedicated to delivering value to our clients by developing more engaged, productive employees and reducing employee turnover through our solution based strategies. Our services are not an expense, rather an investment into developing your company’s largest most valuable resource, the Human Resource.

Paramount Consulting Group serves Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas and is committed to successful employee hiring for your business. Different from a temp service, staffing agency, or head hunter, we focus on matching the right candidate for the job you are hiring for by using behavioral science.

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