Talent Selection

We specialize in pre-hire analysis to determine an applicant’s behavioral strengths as well as their fit to the corporate culture.

Talent Development

We develop more engaged, productive employees and reduce employee turnover through solution based strategies.

Organizational Growth

We examine your business and where it fits within the Seven Stages of Growth and benchmark your organization for future reference.

Paramount Consulting Group

Paramount Consulting Group serves Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas and is focused on successful employee hiring and team development for the organizational growth of your business. Different from a temp service, staffing agency, or head hunter, we focus on matching the right candidate for the job you are hiring for by using behavioral science. Once you have all of the right employees in place, we work with your existing team to improve performance and bolster the growth of your organization.

Areas where we help your business:

  • Hiring new employees
  • Improving your existing team
  • Growing your organization as a whole

Hire the Right Employees

How Do We Help You Find the Right Employee?

Using behavioral science we determine the specific characteristics it takes to be successful in the position you need to fill. We then assess your candidates and identify the ones best matched behaviorally for success. Many hiring processes fail because candidates are selected and hired based on their skills alone. Then the employee ends up getting fired based on their behaviors and values. The solution for selecting the right employee is to hire based on behaviors and values, and then train for skills.

5 Reasons Why Interviews Don’t Work:

The resume looked okay– good enough for you to call the applicant in for an interview. You met the prospect and were blown away at the interview. This person is going to be a terrific hire: showed up early, looked the part, answered all the questions correctly and looked me in the eye. Problem solved, right?  WRONG.  Read More..


Develop Your Team

Need to create a more effective team?

Once you have all of the right employees in place, we work with your team to further develop your staff both as individuals and as a team. Talent is a combination of many factors, one of which is behavior. We help guide your employees and managers in leveraging their different behaviors for success.

After you hire the right person, get them off to a fast start towards success. Revitalize your existing staff by giving them the tools to improve communication and build sound employee-manager relationships.


Grow Your Organization

Improvement Begins with the Right Start!

The need for accurate and timely assessment of organizational development priorities has never been more important than in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. Managers must continually be in touch with customer demands, adjusting services and products to meet customer expectations, how well employees are achieving organizational goals, and where the organization needs realignment in order to succeed.

One barrier to growth is the need for the executive team to effectively delegate and predict. We will help you gain clarity of where your company is today and why it may be experiencing specific growth issues.

Benefits of using our Business Solutions:

Reduce Employee Turnover

Employ superior performers

Improve employee engagement

Increase productivity

Improve goal achievement

Increase customer satisfaction

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Paramount Consulting Group hires the right employees for your business, improves your existing team, and grows your organization in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas.