Coaching and Onboarding Tools:

Onboarding your new staff is made easy by utilizing the provided Job Development binder. This binder details the priorities, purpose, and time considerations of the key accountabilities for which the new employee will be responsible. In this way, communication between the new employee and the manager is simplified and the new employee starts with a clear understanding of what he or she needs to do to fulfill the expectations for performance. The new employee benefits because he or she is able to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become an effective member of your organization.

A benefit of the benchmarking process, the binder also provides

  • Employee Key Performance Plan – what is required in the job role
  • Key Accountabilities – breakdown of where time is spent on the job
  • Multiple Respondent Job Report – what is needed for superior performance in the job role
  • Interview Questions –  based on top competencies that the job requires
  • Talent Report – assessment of the new hire’s talents
  • Gap Report – compare new hire’s strengths to what job requires
  • Coaching Report – increases the understanding of an individual’s talents

The job benchmark report outlines and ranks 12 natural behaviors, 6 intrinsic passions, 12 acumen indicators, and 25 soft skills. The binder outlines the Development Process, which is designed to make improvements in the areas where the candidate is low. We work with your team ongoing to develop them into top-performing, valuable employees that will grow with your organization.

Paramount Consulting Group serves Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas and can offer assistance on coaching and onboarding new hires in your organization. After selecting the recommended candidate, we provide an in-depth employee coaching manual so your manager has a head start on the strengths, limitations, and communication methods needed to help the new employee succeed.

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