The Paramount TeamWorks™ Executive program uses Paramount Success Insights™ reports to uncover your team’s framework, behavioral traits, and motivators. This program will open your eyes to a new way of viewing yourself and others on your team.


Need to create a more effective team and increase job satisfaction?

Program Key Objectives Identify:

  • Company culture and behavior traits of departments
  • Mis-Hires
  • ‘A-Players’
  • Hidden assets
  • Dissatisfied employees
  • Misaligned employees in terms of job position/duties

Program Key Objectives Also:

  • Develop management strategies to resolve
  • Determine proper fit
  • Develop management strategies to resolve behavior conflicts
  • Enhance team motivation and communication
  • Increase job satisfaction.

The Paramount TeamWorks™ program includes:

  • Paramount Executive Insights™ report for business owners
  • One-on-one owner consultation
  • Paramount Success Insights™ reports of management and staff
  • Debrief of staff reports with owner and management
  • Continued benefits from Paramount Success Insights™ reports

Personalized reports with valuable information unique to the respondent’s behavior including:

General Characteristics – The individual’s preferred work style based on natural behavior

Value to the Organization – The individual’s contributing behaviors

Checklist for Communicating – How others can effectively communicate with the individual

Don’ts on Communicating – What others should avoid when communicating with the individual

Ideal Environment – The individual’s preferred work atmosphere

Perceptions – How the individual views his/her self and how others view the individual

Keys to Motivating – The individual’s wants provide the means for motivation in the workplace

Keys to Managing – The individual’s needs provide the essential areas managers must address

Areas for Improvement – The individual’s possible limitations identify areas for development

Behavioral Hierarchy – The individual’s behavior style ranked within eight common areas in the workplace

Paramount TeamWorks™ Executive Program

The TeamWorks Executive Program is a workshop that is great for alignment within the “C-Suite.” By first identifying any problems at the executive level we work with your team to ensure that your key leadership people are equipped with the behavioral tools for success.

Our Promise:

We are dedicated to delivering value to our clients by developing more engaged, productive employees and reducing employee turnover through our solution based strategies. Our services are not an expense, rather an investment into developing your company’s largest most valuable resource, the Human Resource.

Paramount Consulting Group serves Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas and provides motivation to your existing team to improve performance and bolster the growth of your business. Using group workshops, we work with your team to address specific concerns or to provide general ongoing team development.

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