Computers Have Manuals — Why Not People?

The key to successful talent management and personal growth is knowledge of each person’s unique behaviors and intrinsic motivators. With this knowledge, an employee can be effectively coached by leveraging their natural strengths to achieve the organization’s goals. Apply the results of the Paramount Insights™ report to create improved morale, increased productivity, personal development plans and win-win situations for everyone.

This versatile management tool can be used to get employees off to a fast start, revitalize current employees, improve communication and build sound employee-manager relationships.

The coaching reports will help you understand and improve your team and we offer several individual assessment tools that define the employee behaviors and guide the employee and manager in leveraging these behaviors for success.

With the knowledge of each individual’s unique behaviors, management can assemble a more effective team by leveraging behavior for success. By matching the individuals behavior traits and strengths to the job requirements, productivity and job satisfaction will increase.

Our individual assessments let you discover what motivates each person in your organization so that you can improve communication and create a stronger team bond. We are not all alike! Why not use this to your advantage by first understanding what motivates people?


  • Workplace Behaviors

    Talent is a combination of many factors, one of which is behavior. The assessment report not only defines unique behavior, but guides the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success.

    This versatile management tool can be used to:

    • Hire the right person
    • Get employees off to a fast start
    • Revitalize current employees
    • Improve communication
    • Build sound employee-manager relationships

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  • Workplace Motivators

    Values are the drivers behind our behavior; what motivates our actions. Abstract concepts in themselves, values are principles or standards by which we act. Values are beliefs held so strongly that they affect the behavior of an individual or an organization.

    An individual’s experiences, references, education, and training tell us WHAT they can do. A behavioral assessment will tell us HOW they will do it. However, it is not until we know an individual’s values that we will understand WHY they do what they do.

    With the knowledge of values we can:

    • Encourage employees in a way that satisfies their inner drive
    • Determine if their position will be rewarding
    • Know what motivates an employee right from the start
  • Workplace Competencies and Acumen

    Individual assessments reveal specific details in four areas that describe the how, why, what and can of superior performance. As a job benchmarking tool, these four areas define the requirements of each job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and achieve the optimum job fit. This tool helps ensure that you hire, develop and retain the best possible talent.

    Our assessment:

    • Examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job
    • Examines the motivators that drive them
    • Determines if they possess the acumen to do the job
    • Determines their potential to provide the competencies required by the job

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  • Emotional Intelligence

    Making better decisions starts with the understanding of one’s own Emotional Quotient (EQ). Often misunderstood as intelligence quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient is different because instead of measuring general intelligence, it measures emotional intelligence.

    In the business environment, Emotional Quotient is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.  Executives, Managers and employees with higher levels of EQ are better able to leverage their awareness of emotions for effectiveness in the workplace.

    Five Areas of Emotional Quotient include:

    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Regulation
    • Motivation
    • Social Skills
    • Empathy

    It is becoming more and more important for managers and employees to focus on and improve their decision making abilities. This may seem as simple as learning from our mistakes, but it really starts at a much deeper level.

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  • Sales Skills

    After your sales force has completed the Sales Skills Index assessment, coaching and managing can be tailored to the different needs of each salesperson. It can be used as both a before and after measurement, complementing all other sales performance material.

    The Sales Skills Index presents questions that portray “real life” sales situations. Each situation has four alternative ways to be handled and respondents are given the opportunity to rank the four alternatives from “best” to “worst.”

    By comparing their response with those of proven top sales professionals, a report is generated showing strengths, weaknesses, and how well they understood the sales strategy in seven categories. This assessment will help in selecting candidates that bring the right skills for your business.

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  • 360 and Organizational Development Survey

    Successful organizations see the importance of addressing the needs of employees and customers. To do this, an organization must regularly assess:

    • Services
    • Policies
    • Practices
    • Leadership
    • Work environment
    • Management practices
    • Incentives top-notch employees require
    • Products or services customers expect

    Organizational surveys, customized to gather the right information, are a vital diagnostic tool to determine how the organization can improve to achieve employee and customer satisfaction.

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  • Relationship Insights

    The ability to interact effectively with other people may be the difference between success or failure. Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of yourself, however, over the years you have built your self-perception on information received from others.

    This report was designed to quantify information on how you see yourself and how you use this information will be directly related to your success in significantly improving your personal relationships.

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  • Excellence for Learning (Student and teacher versions)

    Quality education is no accident. It is the combined effort of teachers, administrators, parents and students. When all are working together in harmony, goals and objectives are easily reached and the results are rewarding.

    When conflict arises within the group, the overall goal of providing an optimal educational experience for students is compromised. Excellence for Learning Administrator, Teacher and Student reports provide the tools necessary to bring success to the educational environment.

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  • Career Planning Insights

    A person’s behavior is a necessary and integral part of who they are. In other words, much of our behavior comes from “nature” (inherent), and much comes from “nurture” (our upbringing). It is the universal language of “how we act,” or our observable human behavior.

    In this report we measure four dimensions of normal behavior in how a person:

    • Responds to problems and challenges
    • Influences other to his or her point of view
    • Responds to the pace of the environment
    • Responds to rules and procedures set by others

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